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Welcome to Forced Wife Videos - a site dedicated to videos of wives punished and forced to fuck on camera. All of our videos feature hot wives degraded and humiliated by their husbands. If you are looking for videos of wives tied up and forced to suck cock and take cocks up the ass then you have come to the right place. Check out our latest videos for some of the hottest wives fucked and abused by sadistic husbands.

Wife Forced into Public Bondage

Wife Forced

Public Beach Bondage - Watch Here

In this video a hot blonde wife is tied up by her husband and forced into public bondage on a beach. As unsuspecting members of the public walk their dogs nearby the husband binds his wife's beautiful slim body and secures her wrists tightly in front of her. She is then left to struggle in her bindings as her husband watches. We can see that the wife is aroused by her public forced bondage. She rubs herself against the ropes that bind her pussy and a damp patch appears on her tiny bikini as she discretely tries to make herself cum without drawing attention from the passers-by.

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Forced Wife Sex - Cheating Wife Punishment

After all the bondage videos I've posted recently I thought you guys might appreciate a little forced wife sex video for a change. In this video, entitled cheating wife punishment, a wife is subjected to some cruel and unusual punishments in a BDSM dungeon scene. You can see from the screenshot that the wife is suspended upside down and has her nipples firmly clamped. But this is just the start, there is much more to come!

Forced Wife Sex

Forced Wife Sex - Click Here

In this forced wife sex video the cheating wife is suspended by her ankles with her legs spread wide apart giving easy access to her pussy and ass. Two huge dildos are used to fill both her holes - a punishment for taking another man's cock in there. The wife is then whipped until she begs for forgiveness.

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Unusual Wife Punishments - Watch Here

Wife Punishment - Bound Gagged Wife

Today's video is another in our series of wife punishment videos. In this video a bound, gagged wife is left alone, tied to a tree, with only a glass dildo for company. The sexy brunette wife looks absolutely stunning in nothing but a tiny pink wraparound skirt that is soon lifted to reveal a beautiful shaved pussy. Her juicy pink pussy lips will have your cock rigid in seconds. And when you see that those juicy pink pussy lips are parted by the rope that binds her, you will be lucky not to pop your cork right there and then...

Wife Punishment

Wife Punishment Video - Click Here

If you manage to make it past the pussy binding section of the video without draining your balls, then you will really enjoy the next part. This sexy bound, gagged wife is left alone to pleasure herself with her glass dildo. The wife's pussy lips are completely spread by two lengths of rope that pull her inner lips apart and converge right at her clit. This gives her pressure against her clit but allows the dildo to be sunk deep inside her parted pussy lips.

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Wife Discipline - Sexy Wife Tied Up

Today's video is another example of wife discipline that will give you lots of ideas as well as getting your cock hard! The video features this sexy wife tied up naked and forced to masturbate in front of her husband. The sexy brunette is tightly tied and left with just one hand free with which to touch her slippery gash. And she wastes no time in getting her hand down there and giving herself a good old fingering.

Wife Discipline

Tied Wife Masturbating - Watch Here

Although this is supposed to be a punishment it is pretty obvious that this wife is getting off on being tied up. When her husband tells her to masturbate for him she has no hesitation. Her hand goes straight to her pussy and she soon has three fingers deep inside her tight hole, fucking herself rapidly. It isn't long before an explosive orgasm sweeps through her sexy body, making her twitch and jerk against her tight rope bondage.

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Forced Wife Bondage - Discipline Your Wife

Today's video is a forced wife bondage video that will have your cock standing to attention in no time. If you are looking for new and novel ways to discipline your wife then this video should give you some ideas....

Forced Wife Bondage

Wife Bondage Discipline - Click Here

The first thing you will notice about this video is just how stunning this sexy blonde wife looks in her nylon fishnet stockings, high heels and black basque. She really is a gorgeous looking and very sexy woman. In the video she is forced to kneel in front of her husband as he begins to tie her up. He begins with her torso and around her tits before forcing her onto her back where he expertly wraps her legs, pulls them apart and brings a rope either side of her pussy, securing it with a knot just above her clit.

Once the wife is completely tied up, the husband orders her to masturbate for him. He has left just enough movement in her lower arms for her to reach her pussy. The ropes have forced her pussy lips out into a bulge and made them look red and swollen and she begins to rub them through her nylon stockings. She is able to force a finger through the fishnets and slip it between her swollen lips.

As the tightly bound wife fingers herself, she begins to raise her knees rhythmically, forcing the knot to rub against her clit. The actions of her finger through the nylon stockings, and the knot rubbing against her clit, soon take effect and she begins to breathe heavily, a deep red flush spreading over her face and chest. Then, with one final clench of her knees and thighs, she explodes in a massive orgasm that floods through her tightly bound body and leaves her completely spent and exhausted.

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